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Perth Meth Testing

Perth Meth Testing is essential when purchasing or renting a property in most areas of Perth. If you are purchasing, renting or living in a property contaminated by meth residue, not only you might expose yourself at great financial risk but also health risk by coming in contact with dangerous chemicals making up meth residue

By providing our clients with professional and accountable meth testing services we assist all homeowners, real estate agents, government agencies and investors in all aspects of meth testing.

Perth Meth Residue Testing Service

Perth can be considered the capital city of meth in Australia. Australia is one of the top countries globally in meth usage. Findings have shown that the contaminated levels do not degrade to any significant degree, years after a meth lab has been taken down by authorities.

Without testing for meth, you can dangerously be putting your new tenant at risk before they move in. If a tenant moves into a property where Methamphetamine contamination levels are high, it will be a breach to the RTA. If this happens, the tenant can lodge an application with the tenancy tribunal, pursuing the landlord for exemplary damages and return of rent.

The good news is that, anyone can do a simple and quick meth test in their property using dedicated DIY Surface Residue Meth Test Kits in Perth. Avoid paying heavy charges of full house decontamination by singling out only rooms that are contaminated and protect yourself from having your tenants ill.

DIY Meth Testing Kits Perth

A Meth Test Kits isa simple, easy-to-use and affordable way to detect if meth residue is present on a surface above safe levels. This in turns allows our clients to save money and time associated with remediation costs. Meth Test Kits or Surface Residue Test kits for ICE can be used on surfaces such as walls and receive a positive or negative result of meth contamination within 5 minutes.

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Professional Meth Testing Perth

Findings have uncovered just how widespread are cases of meth contamination in Perth and its suburbs. If you suspect a property you’re interested in has been contaminated by meth residue, there are several ways to test this. The quickest and simplest way to test you home is to use an Instant Presumptive Meth Test as mentioned above, which you can do yourself, saving time and money. This is an on-the-spot surface residue test that will give you a result almost instantly, and help you determine if you need a complete remediation plan for your property or not.

DIY Meth Test Kits do not give the exact reading of meth contamination, only if meth residue is present. In some cases, it may be necessary to have an independent person investigate the possible contamination or you may require a report to support a claim. We can have one of our technicians conduct Composite Meth Test. By doing this, we can have up to 10 rooms sampled and analysed together. This will give an accurate and fast reading of the average contamination level of your property.

If the Instant Presumptive Meth Test or Composite Meth Testing suggests your home is contaminated over the safe level, the next step is to conduct a full analysis of the property. This testing will identify the locations and levels of meth residue contamination in each area of the property. This testing is necessary in formulating a plan to ensure your home is safe again.

Meth Testing Training and Courses

If you are interested to become a meth tester, we will have our courses available online.

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